Medicine Buddha Today

Medicine Buddha Today

All experiences are related in health. When we know how health works we can promote health in our our mind, body, life and world. Medicine Buddha helps us do just that.

Welcome to Medicine Buddha Today. Medicine Buddha (also known as Menla) is the inner heart of all healing appearing as a view of life and as a technique for cultivating basic health. Even in the darkest times, we and our universe glow with the health that lights our world. Menla is the master key that unlocks this health for us to use as needed.

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First and always there is health. Every problem we meet offers an opening to some seed of wisdom we need on our path.

An ordinary approach to health can be like walking in the entrance to a hospital emergency room. We go in, say what we need and hopefully get results. This might be all we need at times. Menla works with that approach but also takes us to the side doors of this hospital where staff and all health supplies come in. This is a view of health we seldom see but upon which all healing ultimately depends. This is a trans-dual approach to health, or joining the big view of non-dual wisdom with the workings of ordinary life. If you stay with Menla long enough you will see where the basic forces of health in your life come from. You will make friends with and join these forces to make health real. Not only can you support the healing process, you see how managing your own overall health approach is more satisfying than just getting immediate relief. This is work but it is good work. In time you grow to love it and it brings health in the deeper, bigger ways we all ultimately need. In this way, Menla offers pathways to:

  • Confidence in a fundamental health beyond concept in our selves and in the course of our life
  • Connection to the heart of all healing methods so that in some way those methods work better for you
  • A sense of workability in whatever illness or life problem we encounter
  • Inspiration in the spirit of one’s healing journey, even if just in working through the karma of problems in a positive way
  • A capacity to benefit others
  • The ultimate healing known as enlightenment

Man on Trail with Rising SunWhile any contact with Menla can help, real health is knowing in our heart that we each are Menla. One step at a time, we can all do this. Practice makes our inborn, natural healing path shine.

Resources on this site:

  • To get right to the point, listen to The Heart of Healing audio program, available at CDbaby and download the liner notes, available on The Heart of Healing Audio Program page of this website, that include a pdf of the practice liturgy and a brief explanation of the theory and practice of Menla. Please note that it is best to hear a spoken version of this practice prior to reading or actually doing it—thus this recording.
  • For a process overview, please see the A Path to Healing stream under the Get Help Now menu.
  • While not needed in order to do this practice, if you are curious for more on the Buddhist path that supports this practice, see The Heart Sutra, the Jewel Ornament of Liberation and Sitting Meditation as on the audio program.
  • The Five Wisdoms highlight basic modes of daily life wisdom, inspiration and wakeful activity.
  • For group study and practice, please see Menla Events

High Sun Above the Clouds

While this approach to healing arises as part of the Buddhist path, anyone can benefit from this practice.


As a Menla practitioner and also a practicing physician I want to make it clear that this is not a replacement for ordinary health care. Medicine Buddha supports rather than replaces ordinary health care. Please continue working with your health care provider. The material in this site is my attempt to offer the wisdom of my teachers, The Ven. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and The Ven. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche. Any benefits are from them and any errors are mine. Both these teachers availed themselves of standard medical care when needed.

For further teachings direct from The Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche, you can receive very pithy, weekly quotations at: Karma Mahasiddha Ling <>