Medicine Buddha Today

Benefits of Practice



There are no guarantees, of course. As in all health care, each of us will have our own path. And it is extremely important to continue working closely with yor health professional. However, over time, you may see some of the following kinds of aids to living in your life.

Ordinary World Changes:

  • A sense of being better able to manage your problem
  • A more effective way to work with your problem
  • A lessening of symptoms of your problem
  • A greater capacity to be present with others and offer help

Transcendent Life Issues

  • A greater sense of connection with your spiritual path
  • A connection with the teachings of the Mahamudra Buddhist traditions of Tibet, in particular as embodied by the great master, His Eminence Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche
  • The eventual ultimate liberation of complete enlightenment

Bridging Ordinary and Transcendent World Issues

  • A greater sense of inspiration in your life path
  • A greater delight in trying to be of service to your world and a greater capacity to do so