Medicine Buddha Today

Compassion and Love

Posted on Oct 27, 2020

Thrangu Rinpoche taught that compassion is the effort to reduce others’ sufferings, and love is the effort to support others’ happiness. While we suffer from getting what we do not want and losing what we do want, ultimately all of samsara is the arena of suffering. That is because even the most pleasant experiences are temporary. So there are two aspects of the relief of suffering. First is relieving the short term suffering of illness and problematic experiences, and econd is the relief from the overall experience of the suffering of samsara. Menla helps with both of these just as we need. All we have to do is ask and then try to live a good life.

It is the same with happiness. Temporary happiness can come with a lollipop. Lasting happiness appears first in seeing beyond self to the bigger world of wakefulness, and second in helping others to see beyond their self-issues to that larger vision of life as well. Menla is dedicated to helping us have the health and resources to do just that. So we practice in order to set the tone of our life and then we live as best we can, for the relief of suffering and attainment of happiness for all.