Medicine Buddha Today

Dialogs in Healing

Doorway to the conference roomTo dialog refers to knowing together. If we know something useful and good, it can help ourselves and others to share.

In our hearts, no matter how we phrase it, we all have an inborn sense of awe, wonder, and appreciation for what is open, fresh and real. The very human quality of Menla, his heart wish and his dedication to helping all beings, is one expression of these universal qualities within. And these very basic qualities can be expressed in a variety of dimensions of human experience.

Oval blue lapis lazuli (azure stone, lazurite) mineral gemstoneIn the blog, I will post some of my own thoughts and experiences with Menla, and I will add comments and experiences of others as seems appropriate. I believe that hearing each other’s experience can stimulate our¬†integration of the wisdom of Menla in all our life.

In The Science and Spirit of Healing, I will post recent reviews of scientific studies on meditation, compassion, etc., and pertinent comments from various spiritual traditions.

I believe in science. I use it everyday in my medical practice. But I know that down deep, we humans are all not only scientists, but also artists and mystics in our own way. We are individuals, and we are a community. Let us rejoice in our quest to realize wisdom together. Let us enjoy our journey. May all be well and wise.