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Get Help Now

Getting Started - Man with suitcase stands looking out the doorWe all have to start our healing journey somewhere, and wherever you are in your life right now is the best place to be and the best place from which to start. The main point is to balance the short-term issue of finding whatever immediate relief is possible with the long-term issue of how we can go beyond all suffering. If you only focus on short-term relief, you may find that relief, but it will not last. On the other, if you ignore your immediate situation, or you only focus on some distant, ethereal spiritual process, you can get stuck and lost in misery and not do anybody, yourself or anyone else, any good. So, for real, well balanced healing, we need to think in both short- and long-term ways.

Polished Lapis Lazuli pebble isolated on black.There are two key issues when doing this. The first is that the short-term relief you may get with this practice is probably not going to be a miracle cure. Miracles, when they happen, can be great. But here, the miracle may be just having a better way of living and working with your problem, rather than immediate and complete elimination of the problem. Second, the long-term, spiritual relief we seek can never be for ourselves alone. Real spiritual relief is always for the benefit of all.

In the Get Help Now steam we will investigate healing from first, a kind of modern, stepwise, action-focused perspective. This appears in the A Path to Healing stream. Then we will look at deeper, more abstract energies of wisdom and healing known as The Five Wisdoms. And finally, in the audio program, we will focus on how to do actual, full practice of Medicine Buddha.

The Path to Healing and Five Wisdom streams are offered as healing paths just as they are. They can stand alone. However, if you can listen to The Heart of Healing audio program offered on this site, as you work with these streams, these healing paths will probably make more sense and work better for you. Hearing the story of Menla and a person (me) actually doing the practice can support you in contacting, gathering and making use of the healing energies you need, all in more effective ways.

All of these streams of engagement with Medicine Buddha are designed to help take you to the core forces of healing in this universe and to support you in using these healing forces well.