Medicine Buddha Today

Before you start

Oval blue lapis lazuli (azure stone, lazurite) mineral gemstoneFirst, it is very important that you take best possible care of yourself in whatever way is appropriate. If your situation is urgent, please remember to call 911 for immediate care. If you are well enough to work from within, this can start with loving yourself fully, not in spite of your problem, but for your problem. Problems are the birth ground for waking up.

Remember that everything in our universe is connected to everything else, and as each part of our world changes it will affect all other parts. Each thought affects the entire universe and can eventually be a healing force. No one knows how any one action or thought will affect our universe, but it will. A thought motivated by fear will in time increase fear. And even one thought, motivated by love and held firmly in the heart, can power your healing process.

Medicine Buddha practice starts with helping us know how to hold our mind. Mind is not a thing, but the process of how we work with experience. Mind is the key to unlocking the gate to the healing path. If we hold our mind well, we hold our life well. That wellness then spreads to how we support our body, and in turn, how our body supports us. If we hold our mind well, we support healing attitudes even in difficult situations. We can radiate healing energy into our environment. We support healing relationships. We bring out the core health of the universe, and we join in its unfolding according to its nature in a healing celebration.

Whatever problem you are working with, your own or another’s, Menla can help you work with that problem in a healing way. The more you open your heart to the healing energy that Menla embodies, the more you will gain a personal sense and vision of how to go beyond fear to the great wholeness of being fully awake and being a positive force in the world.

Remember, everyone feels wounded at some time. And we can all go through that feeling to the basic health within. Here is how we start.