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Five Wisdom Healing

As we connect with Medicine Buddha, either as a sense of inspiration, as a connection with some part of his teaching, or as result of regular practice, we develop a feeling for Menla in our own heart and mind, and we can experience an increasing sense of the benevolence, energy and vision he represents. These qualities power our wish to help others and ourselves, and with them, our life becomes more workable and we find ways to help others. Our healing path begins to light up before us and we find we are actually moving along that path for the benefit of all.

Mountain valley during sunrise. Natural summer landscapeAs we do this, among the many ways Menla can promote healing, we find one particular set of five ways that the workability we are contacting actually can work! We can connect with this workability through a system that has been called The Five Wisdom Energies. Meeting these energies is like shining sunlight through a prism and from that, seeing the display of a rainbow of the five primary colors that usually blend together in our usual experience of the light from our sun. Here, connecting with the Menla in our heart is the sun, nature is the prism, and the five colors, white, blue, yellow, red and green represent basic qualities of all wisdom and healing that display as basic light of healing shines out in the natural world. These colors show five basic ways that we can sometimes lose confidence in a universal health and five ways we can reconnect with that health so that healing can happen.

These five colors make up what can be called a mandala. The practice of using mandalas is alive in world cultures, usually traditional, that have maintained their connection to the basic forces of nature. One mandala is The Medicine Wheel. Some of the many others are the directions of a compass, the seasons, and what are called the five elements. Whatever their form, mandalas are orderly displays of how the sometimes seemingly wild forces of nature can differentialte and work together in positive ways. If we work with Medicine Buddha in our heart, we can use the mandala of these wisdoms to better work with the complex difficulties we all face at times in life.

In the following pages I give a brief summary of how The Five Wisdoms can support a healing path. Life constantly unfolds in these five ways, and we understand and appreciate these energies we can connect with the healing power they express.

There are many other, more detailed resources, including The Heart of The Buddha, by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and Part Three (The Healing Power of Mind) of my source book, Getting Back to Wholeness, The Treasure of Inner Health and The Power of a Meaningful Life (GBTW).

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