Medicine Buddha Today

Central, White Wisdom

White FlowerWhite — Our world is Open, Bright and Alive

This wisdom is associated with the color white, the season of late summer, the center of the compass, and the element of Space. The Buddha that represents all these in human-like form is known as Vairochana, a title that means something like Shining Bright. He is sitting in lotus posture and holding his hands in a gesture associated with showing and engaging the world directly with the Dharma. The wisdom he is portraying is called Dharmadhatu, or the endless space of wakefulness, without center or fringe. No one owns truth and no one is left out. Everything we do can express workability, healing and appreciation of reality.

For more, see pages 145, 149-152 and 164-166 of GBTW.

OM MUDRA  (Center)