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North, Green Wisdom

Green PlantsGreen—Acting in Our World

This wisdom is associated with the color green, the season of summer, the direction North, and the element of wind. The Buddha that represents all these in human-like form is known as Amoghasiddhi, a title that means Infallible Action. He is sitting in lotus posture and touching Earth with his right up, palm outward. The wisdom he is portraying is called All Accomplishing Action, suggesting that when we give ourselves fully to the benefit of our world, things eventually work as they need to.

For more, see pages 145, 149 and 163-174 of GBTW

Karma: “action”, “work”, “deed”

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche Heart of The Buddha –pg 144

“Karma is the north of the mandala, is associated with the color green. Its symbol, a sword, represents cutting through hesitation and confusion and accomplishing one’s goals accurately and thoroughly. Karma is the wisdom of all accomplishing action in its enlightened manifestation. The neurotic expression of karma energy is resentment and excessive speed. Karma neurosis would like to create a uniform world and resents any sloppiness or inefficiency. When karma is freed from neurosis, it becomes accurate and energetic without resentment and pettiness. Karma is associated with the element of wind, which represents this forceful and energetic quality of action.”

Amoghasiddhi: “He Whose Accomplishment is Not In Vain” What accomplishment? The Buddhist path. He destroys negativity. Main accomplishment is the activity of Dharma

Dhanyi Buddha of the North. Complete purification of jealousy.
Proector Emantation: Visvapani Consort: Tara
Symbol/tool: Double Vajra (Dorje) : symbolizing Absolute and Relative truth Element: Air Sense: Sight Activity: Destroying

Aspect of Reality: Formation Poison: Jealousy

Color: green

Wisdom: “Buddha Amoghasiddhi is the realization of all -accomplishing wisdom. The Tibetan name for Buddha Amoghasiddhi is Sangye Donyodrupa. The word donyod means “meaningful” and the word trubpa means “accomplishment”. So Buddha Ammogasiddhi means “whatever is meaningful and fruitful is accomplished. “ He is also the complete purification of jealousy, which is a hindrance for both material and spiritual success. His activity is perfect accomplishment and fulfillment of meaningful aims. Furthermore, his activity removes ordinary daily hindrances such as illness and obstacles. This is why Amoghasiddhi’s activity is meaningful accomplishment. Buddha Amoghasiddhi holds a double vajra in the form of a cross in his left hand, which symbolizes that his activity pervades and touches all directions. He sits in the full lotus posture. The left hand of all five dhyani Buddhas rests in the meditative posture of the changeless realization of dharmata. Amoghasiddhi’s right hand is in the mudra of fearless protection. He protects all living beings from any mishaps, obtacles, and negative influences. Thus his posture is known as “the mudra of fearless protection”. Amoghasiddhi is green, resides in the north and holds a sword representing the cutting of samsaric existence.” Kenchen Trangu Rinpoche The Five Buddha Families and the Eight Consciousnesses pg 13

Qualities: All-accomplishing action is the completion of all that needs to be done. Positive passion is their power and what destroys negativity. It is the opposite of jealousy and paranoia. Paranoia transforms into efficient actions.

Challenges: Because of the desire to accomplish three is a tendency to try and control. Often there is a desire to create activities to quell restlessness, speed and the panic of having nothing to do. These qualities can lead to a preoccupation to control and have power over others. These challenges make for a horrible leader or boss. Their ambition can become intensified in order to deal with the overwhelming jealousy they have towards others that they perceive as having more or doing more.

“The green wisdom is seen in the North, in summer, and in the element of wind, whether a breeze or a gale. Our mind embodies this energy as the natural energy of movement and action. Appropriate activity follows effortlessly from the three previous energies of clarity, evenness and discrimination. Life is no one’s property. Pure action arises like the natural force of wind and sunlight that has been captured in the proliferating bright greenery of summer. Like the natural arc of a sword, it prunes away dead wood so that the new can grow faster. Just holding that sword with confidences liberates the energies locked up in worn-out situations and frees these energies to flow in their own wisdom and in their own ways.

When we’re open to the natural wisdom of the sword, there is no threat. If we focus on who has the most power – who has the most effective and deadly sword, and who is most willing to use it – whirlwinds of competition whirl up. Our world is always just ahead of us or trying to overshadow us. We must compete. Action becomes a way to protect and increase, rather than offer, natural energy. Speed overrides harmony because harmony is so slow.

Illness and stress can heighten our call to action. We may feel that others are slow that we must take immediate action. There’s no time to waste. Paradoxically, our compulsive quest for speed may have instigated our problem in the first place. The more afraid we feel, the more we’re convinced that if we just try harder, we can outdo the problem and leave it behind. When we realize that we’re actually the ones who are frightening ourselves, we can wake up. “ James Sacamano, MD Getting Back to Wholeness pg 174

~ Each energy is neutral, and we shouldn’t feel that we are only a representation of just one of the energies nor should we feel that we represent only the wisdom aspects or the challenged aspects of the wisdom family. We have all 5 energies and so experience each one at times.

Ex: Neurotic busyness that we transform into creating amazing projects or projects that we carry through with and accomplish. Seeking how things work in detail.

Relation to Medicine Buddha

When we practice, we have greater clarity about our inner self, our environment and others Amoghasiddhi is an example, a reference tool, symbol of accomplishment that has a positive fruition. Connecting with Amoghasiddhi helps us to see that there is a method to destroy negativity and experience joy. Our natural potential is one of joy – free from negativity. This creates a happy life, free from suffering.

Mind is what we use to heal. What we believe in influences our lives. If we have a mind of jealousy and doubt it causes us to be unhappy. That unhappiness makes us feel unsettled and resentful. We start to blame everything and everyone around us just to get some relief. We’ve all experienced this. Having a relationship with the Karma Family helps us build our confidence

in the truth that our situations are workable. We can step back and let go of our seeming control

– let things be as they are and accomplish through wisdom instead of through aggression.

  • –  Amogasiddhi holds a double vajra. Vajra is a weapon that is considered the most powerful. Like

    a thunderbolt. A double vajra has the power of 2 thunderbolts. This represents the truth of Dharma going in all directions. The double vajra represents the two truths of the Buddha. Relative truth: includes all dualistic phenomena that appear to us and make up our world. It reflects relative world. Absolute truth: reality is beyond dualism/ reality is empty in nature because it is made up parts and therefore cannot be solid. It is the way things are.

  • –  You might wonder, “Isn’t visualizing medicine Buddha enough? Why do I need to complicate things?” From an ultimate perspective, absolutely, Medicine Buddha is enough to visualize. From a relative perspective, each Buddha represents different appearances which reflect the different activities that we engage in. In the case of Amoghasiddhi’s activity is destroying. What are we destroying? The 3 poisons that create a veil to our view of Dharma. By destroying the illusion – we see clearly what to accept and what to reject. This gives us the power that we need to accomplish Dharma in a pure way. We give up our jealousy and pettiness which hold us back and transform them into the wisdom of accomplishment. This perspective and way of being not only gives us confidence but it allows us to start over with a dharma mind/view.
  • –  We are constantly visualizing our world. We use all types of symbols and tools to do that. A lot of the time those symbols and tools do not serve us well, they cause us to be confused, to have anger, to desire. The 5 Dhayani Buddhas connect us to energies that are positive and spur us to cultivate these positive qualities, we let ourselves become more and more in touch with our innate goodness and it transforms us. Our tools become space, clarity, awareness, enrichment and accomplishment. We begin to have joy to be human.

    ~ Dekyong Lhamo for Vajra presentation with Jim Sacamano 9/22/2020