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The Heart of Healing Audio Program

The Heart of Healing audio cd cover

Good health is more than just freedom from disease. It is the dynamic force of wholeness, compassion and wisdom in all of life. Medicine Buddha has helped people achieve ordinary health i and ultimate wisdom for over 2500 years and continues to do so today.

“In the end, it is the dharma that liberates us from samsara and sickness.”
– The Very Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

The Heart of Healing Medicine Buddha Audio Program consists of four recorded CD’s or MP3 recordings covering a personal approach to Menla and his practice. In this, I share a bit of my path to Menla, my sense of how he has inspired and helped me as a person in need of help at times, and as a health practitioner, and how he has supported my journey in life in general. I offer a guided body scan, guided sitting meditation, and an explanation of and reading transmission of three versions of guided practice of Medicine Buddha. These versions vary in length from about one minute to about ten minutes. You can just listen or practice along with me if you like. Anyone can do these practices for any issue in life.

Jim SacamanoThe 4 CD set (also available as streaming mp3 audio) contains audio recordings to guide you in:

  • The practice of Medicine Buddha for body, mind and spirit
  • The power of all four basic body postures in healing
  • Body Scan for deeper, more grounded awareness
  • Sitting meditation as the foundation of a healthy life.

Please visit CDbaby, or on the image on the right to order this audio program. Please note—While it is possible to just read about Medicine Buddha, it is traditional and much better to hear the story of Medicine Buddha, or Menla, first, and then read and practice. The liner notes for the The Heart of Healing Audio Program include a brief explanation of how to do the practice and very brief, medium and longer versions of the practice and can be downloaded here (PDF).