Medicine Buddha Today

Healing and Work

Posted on Sep 7, 2017

Good Healing Is Like Good Work


We may think of healing as a simply getting over our problem. We may want to change our body in some way, our mind, our past, or our relationship. If that is all we want, we are like a person who wants money. We all do need money. We have to have a place to live, food, clothing, etc. And if that is all we hope for, may we all have enough money to live well. However, is just having money enough? Would it not be better to have work that pays us enough money to live in a decent way? And wouldn’t it be better still if really enjoyed doing that work? And wouldn’t be even better if that work helped our world in some way? If we had all of that, we could live reasonably, appreciate the natural abundance of life, and have the satisfaction of knowing we are contributing from our heart and soul to our world.


True healing is like that. We could just do what we need to get over our problem. Good! But we could also appreciate the process of how we get better. We could love our healing path. Better!! Or, we might be able to see our healing contribute to the health of our world. Best!!!


This is how Medicine Buddha works. If you commit to the practice of Medicine Buddha, you will benefit in some way. You may find a better way to work with your problem, or maybe a brighter perspective on life. Something positive will happen. And you will eventually see Medicine Buddha as an embodiment of health and joy in your life. You will grow to love him and what he brings out in you. And finally, you will see how your healing arises with the inspiration of committing your health to helping others in some way. This is good healing, true healing, healing our self and our world, the best healing there is.