Medicine Buddha Today

How Mind Can Help

We might be tempted to think that working with mind, as we do in Medicine Buddha practice, can help our mind, but then wonder, how could it help our world? This is an interesting and important question. Actually, the answer is fairly simple. Our mind is our world. Everything we see and experience is held within the container of mind processes. We see the world differently from how a canary would see it.

We might ask, “Is there not something separate from us out there?” And one answer might be “NO.” We are all connected.  To learn more about this, you might read Mutual Causality in Buddhism and General Systems Theory by Joanna Macy. The point is that we are all linked, together, inside and outside, and each and all. We can help somehow if we try.

Also, as Thrangu Rinpoche said at his Menla teaching, the body supports the mind. But the mind supports to body. So, yes, doing Medicine Buddha practice has an effect in all the universe, and it is a good one.