Medicine Buddha Today


Posted on Apr 3, 2017

How Love Heals from the Inside Out


I began medicinebuddhatoday out of love—first for the love I felt for the teacher who told me about and gave me the practice of Medicine Buddha, and then love for the Medicine Buddha that I found in my heart as I began to work with it. I still do this out of love, but now for a bigger, more grounded love, a love for all beings, especially humans and for our human journey, a saga that can be great in its way, but that can sometimes present illnesses and huge problems that may seem very difficult and at times even overwhelming. We are all on this difficult, magical human journey and because we have stayed with it, I feel we are all heroes.


In my heart, I truly wish that everyone could be happy and well, and as best I could, I tried to foster that health and happiness in my medical practice. But ordinary health care is limited. As great as it can be to reduce illness and suffering, ordinary health is always temporary. Someday we will be beyond that kind of help. Ordinary health care can’t address deeper issues like the long-term happiness we can only find in spiritual approaches. Second, just as the goals are limited, the healing processes invoked tend to rely on short-term, external healing forces. Those processes generally cannot show us much about our own inherent, spiritual health, the health that matters most.


Medicine Buddha, however, is different because it supports and joins whatever is possible in ordinary healing with the deeper processes of spiritual health that we need most—all these in our life just as it is. And while at first seemingly relating to an external spiritual power, the more you use Medicine Buddha, the more you see that this healing force is completely natural to you, your life and your own being. Medicine Buddha brings out the natural healer you already are and helps you bring out the healing power in ways you need most. This healer is based on love and expresses love, love not just for the fun or good things in life, but for the person who  has to hold all of life as we might an upset child. Even if the child is screaming, we love that child and will take care of him or her, no matter what.


That is how Medicine Buddha holds us, in love and complete acceptance. From that, we learn to hold our life in the same way, in love and complete real acceptance. With that, health lights the way.


Medicinebuddhatoday is here to help bring out the health within you and the universe, and to support your healing path, whatever form it takes. This is a human journey, not a exactly a religion. Persons of any or no religion can take advantage of this profound healing force to help self and other.


Best wishes on your healing journey.