Medicine Buddha Today

Medicine Buddha

We humans are at our core spiritual beings, and all human activities and experiences have at their core a spiritual basis.

Menla-DSC00560-original-webWhile we all have an original, pure goodness at our core, superficial disturbances in our health and social connections can interfere with our ability to bring our original goodness out to life. We all know that life can be difficult at times. And while it is appropriate to seek relief from whatever problems we encounter in whatever way we can, the ultimate source of all healing arises from our reconnecting with the innate health of our original, good spirit.

Medicine Buddha, or Menla—a title that means something like Essential Spirit of Healing—helps us do just that. He helps us contact, understand and actually apply the basic energies of life—energies that we all arise from and manifest in every moment of our life—in ways that focus on everything to do with healing. He can help us notice the basic forces of health in moments of brightness we might overlook otherwise. He helps us understand how to use the power exposed in these moments for the good of ourselves and others. He can inspire us in appreciating our precious human life, even if we have the difficulties that we all meet at some point in our life.

Menla offers a practical way to call forth and activate healing on all levels.

No matter how painful, difficult, or stuck our situation in life may seem to be, when we have a way to reach through those difficulties to our inner health and to bring that health out to our world, we can be happy. We can assist in whatever healing of our problem is possible, and we can shine the goodness of ultimate health onto our world.

Buddhist teachings and practices are ways to contact and work with the spiritual core of all human beings in inclusive ways. While these teachings often appear as religious forms, they are more expressions of a basic, universal but individually unique spiritual core of each unique human being, forces that are ultimately beyond specific, isolates pathways. They are doors into the essence of our humanity. And as such, each person has, in her or his spiritual core, a healing force which Menla brings out in us. And this spiritual core not only powers our own healing, it powers all healing methods that we humans experience and utilize. Menla is the inner smile that shines everywhere and always and never gives up.

Medicine Buddha helps our life work in the way we need most.