Medicine Buddha Today

Menla out from the shadows

Posted on Feb 12, 2019

We do not have to manufacture Medicine Buddha when we visualize him or her. He or she is there already, everywhere, all the time. The main thing is to open our minds and then he or she emerges from the shadows of our mind, and shines brightly in our heart. And a wonderful way to open your mind is by the regular practice of sitting meditation. Sitting practice helps us sit still and be present as the mind naturally opens and closes, as it does moment after moment every day of our life.

If you already have a sitting practice it is good to keep at it. If you do not, you can try sitting as it is offered in the  first CD in the set on this site.  And if you want a more in depth understanding of sitting practice, not only as a formal practice but also as a way to experience sanity in ordinary life, I suggest you look at my book, Getting Back to Wholeness, The Treasure of Inner Health and The Power of a Meaningful Life, available on Amazon.