Medicine Buddha Today

The Awesome Power of Mantra

Posted on Sep 14, 2018

I recently came across an article by Jill Bormann et al where she describes the use of manta as a support for well-being of health care workers. She reports considerable benefits for spiritual well-being and mindfulness. Benefits have also been reported for veterans with PTSD. The approach to mantra being used is described in a book called Strength in the Storm, by E. Eswaren, where he suggests that a person use whatever mantra of whatever spiritual tradition feels best to them. The main thing seems to be that the mantra offer some way to connect to a sense of wisdom or godliness or awareness. In other words, the mantra should inspire you. The main thing is to say it as often as you can. I think he is right. We could do any mantra we like, but for me as a health care worker it is the mantra of Medicine Buddha.

While it does seem a little more elaborate, the Menla mantra is just his name, and calling the name of the person or being from whom you are asking for help is a time honored tradition going back thousands of years. Of course, we all want to be enlightened, but we also need to be well enough to practice, to help others, to know what we are doing. Menla helps us with the facts of ordinary life in support of our main journey to waking up.

Whatever problem we have, saying his name even once, but  more if we can, will help.

Best wishes