Medicine Buddha Today

The Lion Throne

Posted on Dec 3, 2017

Medicine Buddha sits on a throne supported by four lions, the lion throne. Doing this shows his innate fearlessness. His fearlessness is an outer reflection of our own fearlessness. To be fearless does not mean never having any experience of fear, at least in the beginning. When we start, it could be more like just being willing to be with whatever we need to in life. If we recognize that everything that comes to us in life has a karmic right to be there, then whatever we meet is just a reflection of our own mind. Of course, most of us are pretty good at scaring ourselves real good! But there is always a place in that fear that is whispering, “This is just your mind.” One of the best ways to see through that kind of fear can be to recite the Heart Sutra. We have that here on this site in several languages and I hope you find one you like.