Medicine Buddha Today

Yes, but I can’t visualize

Posted on Jul 17, 2018

Knowing that one cannot visualize is an excellent starting place. We all start there.


I have a friend who is an artist who claims to be unable to visualize. How can an artist not visualize? Maybe every thing we see is a visualization, but one that we are so used to that we forget we are doing it. And with Menla, the idea may be to just try to get into the experience as much as possible and then forget you are trying. Then, at some point, a sense of Menla’s form can arise from within. It is not exactly us causing that sense. It is us being the healer we all already are. We are not visualizing, we are being, even if just for a flash.


Then at some point we realize bringing this to life will take practice, and we get to work doing the practice, doing what we call the visualization and letting that vision be, as we in the true nature of our intent to heal our sense of our world, over and over again.